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What is Benchmarker?

Benchmarker reports are customized income statement analyses of your property against the set of properties you choose (view list of properties). With over 5,000 properties to choose from, owners and operators can compare revenues, expenses, and profits of their hotel to similar properties a set of parameters chosen by you, be it, market segment, geographic area, or competitive set.

For a detailed explanation of Benchmarker, including how to order, view the video below.  Click here for a sample report.

How to Order:

  1. Download the property list excel sheet (click here) and select your set of comparable properties
  2. Fill out the "Prices & Order" portion of the spreadsheet
  3. E-mail the sheet to publications@pkfc.com
  4. Receive your Benchmarker report

Sample Report
How To Read A Benchmarker Report
Glossary of Terms
User's Agreement
Order Sheet (excel)
Order Sheet (PDF)

Are you a Data Partner? 
Data partners receive benefits such as free Annual Trends in the Hotel Industry book (a $375.00 value) and deep discounts on Benchmarker reports. Click here for more information.

Three standard reports are available

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