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Hotel Horizons® - A series of econometrically derived reports prepared on a quarterly basis that analyzes the historical and expected performance of 50 major U.S. lodging markets, as well as our national summary report of the entire U.S. lodging industry. Hotel Horizons® reports contain five years of forecast data and five years of historical market performance information. A variety of economic, demographic, and other benchmarking statistics appear in the reports to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of local market conditions.

Each Hotel Horizons® market report covers five years of supply, demand, occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR for the upper-priced and lower-priced segments. Five years of historical data is provided for the major submarkets within the MSA. The National Edition Hotel Horizons® report summarizes our outlook for the U.S. lodging industry, with separate forecasts for each of six national chain-scale segments (Luxury, Upper Upscale, Upscale, Upper Midscale, Midscale, and Economy), six location categories (Resort, Urban, Suburban, Small Metro/Town, Interstate, and Airport), as well as the lodging industry as a whole.

Hotel Horizons® Accuracy Assessment: Click To Download

Consistent with its stated mission of full disclosure, and to provide its clients and the industry at-large with periodic assessments of the accuracy of their forecasts, PKF Hospitality Research LLC (PKF-HR) recently published a whitepaper that quantifies the accuracy of their proprietary Hotel Horizons® forecast reports. The assessment compares forecast changes in hotel market performance measures and actual changes at two critical points during the 2007 to 2009 economic cycle.

Hotel Horizons® Market Reports
June - August 2014
Forecast Period 2014 ~ 2018

Anaheim Dallas Los Angeles Oakland San Antonio
Austin Detroit Memphis Philadelphia San Francisco
Boston Ft. Worth Minneapolis Pittsburgh Savannah
Charlotte Houston New Orleans Raleigh-Durham Tampa
Cincinnati Jacksonville Newark Sacramento Washington, DC
U.S. All Hotels
Chains: Luxury, Upper Upscale, Upscale, Upper Midscale, Midscale, and Economy
Locations: Resort, Urban, Suburban, Small Metro/Town, Interstate, and Airport
Custom Reports Available For
150 Additional Markets

myShare® is a tool included on a complimentary basis with every single market Hotel Horizons® report from PKF-HR. It provides a simple way to calculate the future performance of any submarket, competitive set, or subject property based on the movements of the overall market. Seventy five to eighty percent of all movement experienced by a hotel can be directly attributed to the market in which it operates.

myShare® gives managers and owners the ability to adapt the broader market forecast to their submarket, competitive set, and subject property.

Hotel Horizons® is a registered and protected trademark of PKF Hospitality Research LLC and cannot be reproduced by any means without our express written consent. Please address all inquiries to Hotel Horizons®, 3475 Lenox Road, Suite 720, Atlanta GA 30326.



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