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PKF Consulting USA, LLC (PKFC) is an international firm of management consultants, industry specialists, and appraisers who provide a full range of services to the hospitality, real estate, and tourism industries.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the firm has offices in New York, Boston, Indianapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston, Los Angeles, and Bozeman.

PKF Hospitality Research, LLC (PKF-HR) owns the database for Trends® in the Hotel Industry, the statistical review of U.S. hotel operations which first appeared in 1935 and has been published every year since then. PKF Consulting professionals use the Trends® database to assist their clients - hotel owners and operators, financial institutions, real estate developers, investors, and governmental agencies - in making informed decisions. The Trends® database is the oldest and most comprehensive source of hotel financial information in the United States.

The firm is staffed and equipped to provide the hotel and real estate industries with key services:



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